Save time and create multiple Payments by uploading a CSV file directly to Split.

Quick start

  1. Click on Payments from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the Download CSV template button to get a CSV file with the correct columns. 
  3. Once you've used the CSV template and filled it to your heart's content, you're ready to upload it to Split.
  4. Click on Upload CSV select the file and follow the prompts!

CSV column details

You will find 6 columns in the CSV file. Here's how they work:


You can pick any number for the Ids, they're simply a tool for you to tell Split which rows, if any, should be grouped in a Split Payment.

For example, you may want to create a payment for a service that requires paying out multiple parties.

The above CSV will create two Split Payments both containing two individual payouts. The House one payment contains a payout to builder_co for $10,500.00 and another to sparky_co for $8800.00. This happens because both rows share the same Id (1).

The last two rows will create another Split Payment containing the corresponding payouts.

Recipient Contact ID

The contact ID, uuid, for the Contact you wish to pay. This can be found in your Contacts list.

Maturation date

This tells Split when you'd like the Payment to be processed. We accept the following date formats:

# d-m-yyyy   (Example: 1-3-2017)
# d/m/yyyy   (Example: 1/3/2017)
# dd-mm-yyyy (Example: 01-03-2017)
# dd/mm/yyyy (Example: 01/03/2017)
# yyyy-m-d   (Example: 2017-3-1)
# yyyy-mm-dd (Example: 2017-03-01)
# yyyy/m/d   (Example: 2017/3/1)
# yyyy/mm/dd (Example: 2017/03/01)
# yyyymmdd   (Example: 20170301)


The amount in dollars. For example: 112.15 . Leave out any currency symbols.

Payment description

This description is only visible to the initiator of the Payment.

Payout description

This description is visible to both the initiator and the recipient.

  • For Direct Entry payments, the payout recipient will see the first 9 characters of this description.
  • For NPP payments, the payout recipient will see the first 271 characters of this description.

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