If you are a KYC-Trusted client of Split, and you've chosen to onboard your clients utilising your own UX, then you must adhere to the follow DDR and DDRSA requirements.

Minimum Requirements for KYC-Trusted Status

  • Display the Split DDRSA via link or copy in-App: www.splitpayments.com.au/ddrsa
  • Display the Split DDR via link or copy in-App: www.splitpayments.com.au/ddr
  • Record & archive the acceptance of the DDR (via check-box opt-in for example)
  • Ensure the record can be provided in the event of any payment disputes.
  • Demonstrate a process of how you will keep a copy of the DDR
  • Demonstrate how you provide a customer either a printed or non-changeable electronic copy of the Direct Debit Request and DDR Service Agreement within 7 days. (ex. emailing them a confirmation email with their T's and C's of using the platform)
  • Provide evidence of suitable refund or dispute policy in place
  • Demonstrate how a customer is identified and that you keep this information.


To ensure a successful dispute of a DDR Claim in the event it happens we also recommend that you store and have access to the contract or agreement that the customer has engaged in with your company that clearly states the payment terms and conditions. These documents may be requested in the event we receive a claim.

Examples of proof of display and acceptance:

Embedded Copy

Simply embed the copy of our DDR and DDRSA within your contract or Terms and Conditions.

Include our links within your Terms and Conditions or display them to your customers.

Fig. Include our links

Use our paper forms

If you are not a digital application you can also choose to use our paper DDR and DDRSA forms. Please request this from your account onboarding manager.

Record Acceptance

The final requirement is proving that your clients acknowledge the DDR and DDRSA and that you store that acceptance.

Review and Approval

Your Split onboarding manager will review your KYC-Trusted minimum requirements during your onboarding process and make recommendations to ensure that you meet our requirements. Once approved your account will then be ready to transact.

If you have any questions regarding these requirements please don't' hesitate to reach out.

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