Our Open Payment Request solution allows you to easily generate a direct debit payment service for your xero invoices.

Add to Xero

When signed into xero navigate to General Settings > Payment Services
Click Add Payment Service and select Custom Payment URL

Complete the Add custom URL form with following details:
    Name: Split Payments
    Your custom URL:  (copy/paste link below)
nickname with your split account nickname)
    Pay now text:
Pay via Direct Debit

Click save

This creates a Split Payments service for your xero account 😄 Now let's allow your customers use it.

Display Split payment service on invoice viewer

To display the Pay via Direct Debit button when customers view your invoices, you need to enable Split payments service on the invoice template.

Navigate to General Settings > Invoice Settings

Click Options ▼ and select Edit on the Invoice template:

For the option Payment Services (Credit Card) select your newly created Split payments

Click save

That's it! 😃 When customers now view your invoice online they will see the option to Pay via Direct Debit

When the customer clicks the Pay via Direct Debit button they will be taken to your split payment form with the invoice information pre-filled and ready to go.

To further customise your Open Split Payment Request form please see the help article https://help.split.cash/payment-requests/open-payment-requests under heading Customise your Payment Request page

Please note: When the customer completes this form you will be notified via email that the payment request has been initiated, the invoice in xero will remain in the Awaiting Payment status until you reconcile the cleared direct debit payment.

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